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KOKOPELLI - Feather Pump


The best inflation method out there is only getting better!

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  1. The Feather Pump now includes a cross-piece on the main inflation nozzle allowing you to keep your valve stem in the closed position (air-in only) during inflation. Compared to 2020 and prior where the stem needed to be in the open position, the cross-member slightly opens the stem in the closed position to allow air in but then allows the stem to return to its fully closed position as the pump nozzle is pulled away from the valve, preventing air loss. 
  2. To prevent the pump from accidentally turning on in your carry-on or drybag, they've added a three-second hold timer to the on the button.

Inflate your packraft in 60 seconds flat with the new Feather Pump. The Feather Pump weighs only 6 oz and will fit in your hand. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a 40-minute battery life (or 40 full inflations/deflations) and works with any micro USB charger, like your Goal Zero, solar chargers, battery packs, or cell phone charger.

The Feather Pump works great on all packrafts, inflatable kayaks, and SUPs as well as your favorite sleeping pad or inflatable mattress (includes 5 different nozzle ends).

NOTE: The Feather Pump is only intended to fill volume (or vacuum out air) and will not pressurize above 0.3 PSI. The Feather Pump is IPX4 waterproof but they recommend storing it in a dry bag while paddling. 


PaddleExpo 2019 “Best Accessory
Paddle Sports Retailer 2019 “Best In Show

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